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Goals of Lazdijai public library activity include the following: meeting the informational and cultural needs of the population, creation of a coherent, efficient system of library services accessible to all population groups of the district; creating a library as a community attraction center, providing services that encourage members of the community to communicate, participate in civic and cultural events; creating a knowledge society, expanding access to the Internet, promoting computer literacy of community; accumulation and dissemination of ethnic heritage; improving the quality of library work, forming a positive image of the library.
Lazdijai public library was established 80 years ago. At present the library has 21 subdivisions and uses electronic catalog LIBIS (Lithuanian integral library information system). Lazdijai public library mainly serves the rural population. The library has a youth center, where activities for young people from different social groups are organized.


Administration Director – Ms. Vaiva Malinauskienė, +370 8318 51518, 867198318, vaiva.malinauskiene@rsvb.lt

Library Administration
Deputy director Ms. Asta Mickevičienė, +370 8318 52977, +370 68307207, asta.mickeviciene@rsvb.lt

Our partners

Lithuanian Culture House in Punsk
Public enterprise Culture and Education Center Vilnius Teachers' House
Alytus Territorial Labor Exchange
Public enterprise Vilnius University Clinic of Law
Lazdijai Region Museum
Public enterprise Lazdijai Social Services Center
Lazdijai District Municipality Public Health Bureau
Lazdijai District Association of Persons with Disabilities
Lazdijai School-Kindergarten „Kregždutė“
Lazdijai School-Kindergarten „Vyturėlis„
Veisiejai Nursery-Kindergarten „Ąžuoliukas“
Viktarinas rural community committee
Salos rural community committee
Mikniškiai rural community committee
Lazdijai Motiejus Gustaitis Gymnasium
Seirijai Antanas Žmuidzinavičius Gymnasium
Šventežeris school
Lazdijai District Librarians' Association