M. Gustaitis Museum

Motiejus Gustaitis. Roman Catholic clergyman, priest, poet, translator, researcher of literature and culture, educator.

One of the founders of the "Žibūris" Society. Director of the Marijampolė Girls' Pro-Gymnasium established in 1907. In 1914 he visited America and collected donations for the "Žiburys" Society. During the First World War, he left for Russia together with the pro-gymnasium. In 1918 he returned to Lithuania and was appointed headmaster of the Žiburys gymnasium in Seinai. When the Poles occupied Seinai, the gymnasium was moved to Lazdijai in 1920. He lived in Lazdijai until his death, and continued to serve as the director of the gymnasium. Thanks to his efforts, the gymnasium bought a house with a plot of land, established dormitories and a canteen. He wrote the first Lithuanian textbook on the theory of literature "Stylistics" (1923).

The grave of M. Gustaitis in the Lazdijai Cemetery is a historical monument of local significance. The Motiejus Gustaitis Memorial Museum in Lazdijai is located in the house where he lived. The exposition displays photographs, books, letters and memories about the life and work of M. Gustaitis. One of the streets of Lazdijai is named after Motiejus Gustaitis.