House of Juozas Žitkauskas

Juozas Žitkauskas. Poet, head of the association "Slinktys", book publisher. Member of the Lithuanian Writers' Union.

His first book of poems "Grafoman's Initiation" was published in 2011, and in 2012 "Tai - aš. The Story of the Bards. The First International Festival", 2014 book of poems "Waking Calendar", 2018 book of poems "Sakyciniai ir pilniavociniai. Poems in Dzūkai dialect", 2021 book of poetry "Confessions of Dubeltava. Poems in Dzūkija and Lithuanian".

In 2018, J.Žitkauskas was awarded the Prize of the First Librarian of Lazdijai Albinas Andrulionis for his book of poems "Sakyciniai ir pilniavociniai: ailėraščiai dzūkų tarmi" for the promotion of the Dzūkai dialect.

He says about his work: "Poems come from an impression. Let's say you are walking, you see something, and thoughts arise. Sometimes a poem is provoked by a poem. Then you wonder - why didn't you think of this before? Sometimes, when you listen to songs, they give you an impulse to create. Sometimes it comes from reflection, memories.

Many people know me as a promoter and enthusiast of Dzūkai culture. The writer R. Sadauskas encouraged me to write poems in the Dzūkai dialect." Practically since 2013, my work has been balancing between the common Lithuanian language and the Dzūkai dialect. I would like to hear more of the Dzūkai dialect in general."

cik vienas kalnukas

an pomecies liepto

vis žydėjo ir žydėjo

geltonais liepukais

Juozus Žitkauskas. Sakyciniai ir pilanavociniai. 21 pp.