The road to the homestead of Genė Drūtytė-Semenienė.

Genė Drūtytė-Semenienė. Literature and press worker. Member of the Rural Writers' Union. Born in Dzyviliskes village, Lazdijai district.

When she was in primary school, she wrote her first piece of writing. Later, she graduated from the Agricultural Mechanisation school in Bukiškės (Vilnius district), and lived in Žemaitkiemis village, Lazdijai district. She wrote poems, novellas and short stories. In total, she wrote and published 22 books.  

The writer said that the greatest meaning of life comes from family. She always tried to help others and do good things. If she heard that someone had suffered from a fire, she gave them aid, she gave clothes to children who had not been cared for by their parents, and she also gave money to them.

The rural writer G. Semenienė has left a huge imprint on the hearts and lives of the people she loved - a trail of good deeds and creative work, in which the Dzūkija dialect is cherished, and the fates and relationships of the people of the village, as well as the kolkhoz system and the post-war period are reflected.