Sigitas Geda Gymnasium

Two famous Lithuanian writers - Sigitas Zigmas Geda and Gintaras Bleizgys - graduated from this gymnasium in Veisėiai.

Sigitas Zigmas Geda

Sigitas Zigmas Geda. Sigitas Geda was a poet, playwright, critic, translator and essayist. He was born in the village of Paterai, Lazdijai district. In 1961 he graduated from Veisiejai Gymnasium, which is now named after him. After graduating, the writer joined the press life and devoted all his time to working in the editorial offices of various magazines and newspapers.  

In 2002 S. Geda was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Lazdijai District. In memory of this man's life and creative work the exposition has been arranged in the Veisiejai Regional Museum.

S. Geda is a sensitive child of nature. He looks at nature prophetically and sees the shapes of wood, water, fire, earth, stone, which flow into the poem spontaneously, cyclically and in random forms.

S. Geda's daughter remembers: „He did not work at night or at dawn. He was a morning person: breakfast, coffee, radio, and then sitting at the table until lunch. As I remember, until lunch he did serious work - articles, translations, and in the afternoon he would go for a walk, or play with dog, because he needed to “'blow” his head. The second half of the day was devoted to reading, revising and rewriting. He wrote in a notebook with boxes. It was rare that he would choose lines. At first he wrote by hand and later with a typewriter.“

Gintaras Bleizgys

Poet, essayist, literary critic.

Graduated from Veisiejai Secondary School in 1993, graduated from Vilnius University with a Bachelor's degree in Lithuanian Philology in 1997, graduated from Vilnius University with a Master's degree in Literary Theory in 1999, graduated from Vilnius University with a Master's degree in Business Management and Administration in 2007. Member of the Lithuanian Writers' Union. Winner of many prizes, including the Prize of the First Lazdijai Librarian Albinas Andrulionis in 2020 for his book "Sūpavimas".

G. Bleizgys: "The desire to change, the desire to find new audiences, never experienced before, different ways of "doing" a book, selling it. The desire to learn, to remain curious. I want to write differently. To experience the unexperienced. To show it to my readers, to experience it with them, to learn from them. From those whom I already know, and whom I am only now beginning to grasp. I try not to hold back. I hope very much that readers will see that desire in my book, that they will discover a different kind of author."